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Orfos Pro

$ 154.99 $ 160.00 saving $ 5.01
Orfos Pro

Orfos Pro

$ 154.99 $ 160.00 saving $ 5.01

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950 White Lumens and 400 Red Lumens

The Ultimate 360° lights for all your activities. Turn night into day with the World's Brightest LED flares. Use in any place a flare would be used and light up the night or day with bright intense light from all angles.

Combine the Red and White for incredibly 360 degree visibility or double your lumens with two.

Two Orfos Pros can easily be stacked to create a 1900 lumen white light or an 800 lumen red light.

For more details on what makes the Orfos Pro the best bike light, running light and hiking light, please read here: https://www.orfos.us/pages/pro

Ships within 5-7 business days

Customer Reviews

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Battery Pack?!??

Did not expect to have to supply battery packs for these. Not sure that I would have paid this price for an incomplete product. LEDs are cheap these days.

Hello Kevin, We are so sorry to hear you were surprised by the need for an external battery and I'd love to help make sure you have the lights you need for your lifestyle. I'm sure you can tell from our website, that these are not your average lights, but are super bright, 1oz, made in the USA and are overmolded in clear silicone to disperse light all around you in a pool of light, instead of a directed beam. They are the second iteration of our original Orfos light, but we with the Pros, one change we made was to remove the internal battery to make the Pros future proof for future advances in battery technology, compatible with the various battery life needs of our users, and half the cost of the original design. I definitely understand the external battery is not preferred by everyone though, and we are happy to process a return for you if the Pros If you would like. I'll send you an email now to see what you'd like to do. We want to make sure you have the lights you need for your lifestyle! Sincerely, Peter and the Orfos Team

Very happy, also great for an e-bike where you can run them off of the bike battery and you don't have to recharge each light individually.

EXACTLY as Described.

I don't understand the person that left the review stating that it was not that bright. Maybe he did not read the directions about how to adjust the brightness. I bought these for my son who uses to bike to get to and from work in a semi-rural area. He looks like a meteor going down the road. I was very concerned about people texting while driving, but now I know they will be able to see him and say to themselves "what the heck is that"? Thanks Orfos. Love them!!

Never received my order

20 days after shipment I am still waiting to receive my order. The order is only fullfilled when i received the goods ordered... I hope the light is good.

Hello Hillebrand, Thank you for letting us know! We have been in contact with our professional shipper and it looks like your order was held up in customs for a bit. It should be arriving in the next few days though! Please let us know when it arrives or if it is taking longer than it should. We will make sure you get your Pros! The Orfos Team
You Light Up My Life

I have not mounted them to my bike, yet, but plugged into my computer they seem like they will do what was advertised