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Orfos Pro

$ 154.99 $ 160.00 saving $ 5.01
Orfos Pro

Orfos Pro

$ 154.99 $ 160.00 saving $ 5.01

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950 White Lumens and 400 Red Lumens

The Ultimate 360° lights for all your activities. Turn night into day with the World's Brightest LED flares. Use in any place a flare would be used and light up the night or day with bright intense light from all angles.

Combine the Red and White for incredibly 360 degree visibility or double your lumens with two.

Two Orfos Pros can easily be stacked to create a 1900 lumen white light or an 800 lumen red light.

For more details on what makes the Orfos Pro the best bike light, running light and hiking light, please read here: https://www.orfos.us/pages/pro

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Customer Reviews

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Bright lights, great flexibility

I ride a Greenspeed recumbent trike, and lack any of the traditional bicycle mounting points. With a bit of creativity and one USB extension cable I was able to mount the front and rear Orfos lights to hook up to a single Anker battery pack in my saddle bag. After 30 hours on full front, low pulse back, the power has yet to go down a single notch. I ride ten miles in to work before the sun comes up, and visibility has been very good.


Orfos Pro


Orfos Pro


The Orfos team makes solid lights, no doubt about it. Well thought out, and well made. With flexibility of use? Score.

Confidence inspiring lights for road cycling.

These lights are amazing. I feel much more confident that vehicles will see me. The output of these things is incredible. 5-stars. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to purchase the right external battery size for my needs. That said, the only downside to running Orfos (which does not impact my overall rating) is figuring out how to store the battery which powers both ends.