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Orfos Pro

$ 154.99 $ 160.00 saving $ 5.01
Orfos Pro

Orfos Pro

$ 154.99 $ 160.00 saving $ 5.01

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950 White Lumens and 400 Red Lumens

The Ultimate 360° lights for all your activities. Turn night into day with the World's Brightest LED flares. Use in any place a flare would be used and light up the night or day with bright intense light from all angles.

Combine the Red and White for incredibly 360 degree visibility or double your lumens with two.

Two Orfos Pros can easily be stacked to create a 1900 lumen white light or an 800 lumen red light.

For more details on what makes the Orfos Pro the best bike light, running light and hiking light, please read here: https://www.orfos.us/pages/pro

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product.

I own one white, one red, and FOUR amber Orfos Pros. I use the amber versions for both front and back for 24hr conspicuity. The amber is so eye-catching and bright that I find passing cars giving me extra passing space. I plug the lights into a 10K power pack, so I can run the lights at high with long recharging intervals. My ONLY wish is for an easily accessible on/off switch on the light body or built into the cable. For convenience, I use an inline USB toggle switch, but the only aftermarket switches are few in options and bulky.

Great quality, but...

They are pricey for what they are. I use them strictly for commuting. The previous version (Flare) we're amazing, (1) the batteries were encapsulated in silicone as one unit with the light, (2) the lights could be quickly be removed with the awesome magnets that were ziptied to the frame; (3) the flash/strobe functions made it impossible for vehicles to not see you. The Orfos Pro are nice, but they left me wanting a little more. Bring back the Flare - something similar with integrated battery (I'm not into all of the bags and wires), ease of removal (so they don't get stolen), and make more strobe visible strobe functions (I need a sense of security while riding around cars).

I bought the Knog because it was so similar to the Flare. Waterproof, decent quality, integrated battery. It took me a while to make the purchase because the quality isn't up to par with the Flares. Also, the magnets on the Flare were awesome. Only time will tell how long it lasts.

I really look forward to the Flare2!

They could be better, just a little effort

The quality of the lights is superb, the new fixing system is much better from the old one (with magnet).Only downside, I would have liked Orfos to market a system where batteries and supports are included in the package.I was able to buy the batteries in the USA, but in France it is not easy to have them.So if you are thinking about international marketing, you have to review this aspect of things.


Habe es nach Deutschland importiert. Diese Versand dauert und die Abfertigung beim Zoll dauerte etwas mehr als zwei Wochen.
Das Produkt (Orfos Pro, weiß) ist wirklich sehr gut! Es ist so einfach wie genial. Perfekt verarbeitet und eine sehr intuitive Steuerung. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden. Danke

Battery Pack?!??

Did not expect to have to supply battery packs for these. Not sure that I would have paid this price for an incomplete product. LEDs are cheap these days.

Hello Kevin, We are so sorry to hear you were surprised by the need for an external battery and I'd love to help make sure you have the lights you need for your lifestyle. I'm sure you can tell from our website, that these are not your average lights, but are super bright, 1oz, made in the USA and are overmolded in clear silicone to disperse light all around you in a pool of light, instead of a directed beam. They are the second iteration of our original Orfos light, but we with the Pros, one change we made was to remove the internal battery to make the Pros future proof for future advances in battery technology, compatible with the various battery life needs of our users, and half the cost of the original design. I definitely understand the external battery is not preferred by everyone though, and we are happy to process a return for you if the Pros If you would like. I'll send you an email now to see what you'd like to do. We want to make sure you have the lights you need for your lifestyle! Sincerely, Peter and the Orfos Team