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Our incredibly successful Kickstarter in 2014 raised over 780% of our original goal, launching our company and shooting us into the market. These 360 degree visibility lights changed what people expected a bike light to be, proving that a bike light could match the brightness of car lights. We have received hundreds of emails, comments and reviews from our customers amazed at how bright the Flares are and how they feel truly SEEN on the road for the first time.

The Orfos mission is to be a catalyst for change in cycling safety. We want to empower every cyclist to have the confidence that their lighting system truly makes them seen on the road, just as a car would be. Many people ask us if we are worried that other companies might catch on and start to make lights as bright as ours with 360 degree visibility. That’s the point! We are not worried one bit and in fact, we hope it happens. Our goal is for every cyclist on the road to have 360 visibility, and if more cycling light companies follow our lead, then all cyclists will benefit!



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