If you have any questions about your Flares that are not answered in the following manual, please feel free to email me at peter@orfos.us

*Note: Mount vertically unless mounted to a helmet. Only vertical mounting is shock and impact resistant.

Operation: Patterns/Brightness Levels

  1. To turn on - quick click.
  2. To cycle patterns - quick click
  3. To cycle brightness - press button for half a second.
  4. To turn off - press button for 3 seconds and release

*Flares will automatically go into power saver mode when the battery is about to die. When in power saver mode, you cannot increase brightness, change mode or turn off Flare until connect to power. 
*Strobe mode should NOT be used at night time. Strobe mode is designed for DAY use only.
*High mode is designed for DAY use only as it is too bright for night use. Use low or medium brightness levels at night.


    1. Charge via USB compliant port, or certified cell phone/tablet charger. The Flare should be charged using a 1amp or higher charging port for optimal charging. Flares will charge fastest from cell phone or tablet chargers.
    2. Charge indication light will turn red while charging and turn off when complete. Charging will complete in as little as 1.5 hours depending on the charger.



    1. Check polarity of magnet in mount BEFORE mounting. Once mount is secure, it will only work for one Flare color since they are polarized oppositely.
    2. Mounts should be attached with 2 or 3 of the included contour cable ties. 
    3. Ensure the cable tie's ribs are facing outwards. Hand tighten as securely as possible. Mounts are meant to stay on the bike.
    4. If mounting through fabric, ensure that fabric thickness is less than 1mm. If fabric is slippery, you may need to add an interface material with more friction such as a piece of electrical tape to the back of the flare. Magnets need friction for maximum holding strength.
    5. For diameters larger than cable ties, combine two cable ties together.
    6. If horizontal mounting is the only option on your bike, we suggest using a 4th cable tie around the body of the flare and back through the middle mount hole to help prevent the Flare from bouncing upon impact. Do not over tighten this cable tie or you will not be able to slide the Flare out to charge. 
    7. When mounting White Flares on the head tube, ensure cables clear the flare by rotating handlebars. Cables may need minor adjustments

    Power Saver Mode:

    One of our most common questions is about Power Saver Mode. This mode is a feature that happens when the Flare has about 10-20 minutes left of battery life. Power Saver Mode does not allow the user to operate the button at all, but is the trade off for an extra battery life. Essentially, all the remaining battery life is going to keeping the Flare on for just a bit longer, and there is no power going to the button at that point.

    The test for this is if the Flare acts normally again after charging or being plugged in. You should be able to turn it off normally after you plug the Flare in.