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Designed to be a digital version of a pyrotechnic flare, the FlarePro™ is a 1oz, high output, long runtime LED light for all your adventures. At 950 peak WHITE lumens and 400 peak RED lumens, the FlarePro™ turns night into day and makes your adventures limitless. Whether you are a runner, a hiker, a cyclist, or anything else, this is the best light for you. [Patent Pending]


The WHITE FlarePro™ lights your path with a 180° flood of warm, natural light, illuminating your peripherals and path, matching your eye's field of view. It's like having your own personal sun!

The problems with traditional headlamps are well known and have gone unsolved for decades. The FlarePro™ solves all of these problems, finally making running and hiking at night safe and enjoyable. While a headlamp casts a washed out, bouncing spot that makes everything look 2D, the FlarePro™ makes you feel as though you are surrounded by a bubble of natural daylight. The flood of light provides warm light and vivid color, allowing you to see the world around you just as you would in the day.

Since the FlarePro™ is mounted securely from the waist and not the head, it casts natural shadows forward highlighting rocks and other obstacles. These shadows provide full depth perception, giving you the clarity and confidence you need for difficult and varied terrain. In contrast, headlamps cast light from a bouncing paperweight on your forehead, so your eyes won't ever be able to see any shadows due to the light angle. The FlarePro™ displays the world in its true 3D beauty, not a cold and washed out disorienting 2D photo.

Powered from USB packs, you can have as much runtime at full output as your adventure calls for: a 10 minute jog or a 100 mile race. With the most efficient LEDs in existence (>200Lumens/Watt), you don't need to worry about conserving battery life ever again.

The RED FlarePro™ is the best performing, most affordable safety light available, with 400 peak red lumens. You can use it just like you would use a normal pyrotechnic flare, but since there is no flame, the possibilities are endless for its usage. Like the original Orfos light that CNET described as a "force field of light around your bike", the FlarePro gives you incredible 360° visibility day or night for your own personal safety and lighting.   

To make the FlarePro™ the best performing daytime rated safety light, we increased the number of LEDs from 9 to 40. It is now literally as bright as a pyrotechnic, daytime road flare. Rather than a single retina-searing LED, the FlarePro™ intensely glows from all angles. 

FlarePro™ compared against a real pyrotechnic road flare. It has the same brightness, but no smoke or flame! Indistinguishable from a pyrotechnic flare, you can use it, even in the most intense roadside traffic emergencies.
FlarePro™ compared against a real pyrotechnic road flare. It has the same brightness, but no smoke or flame! Indistinguishable from a pyrotechnic flare, you can use it, even in the most intense roadside traffic emergencies.


With its versatile mounting system, waterproof design, wide-angle visibility, and natural light, the FlarePro™ is the best light for every adventure. The FlarePro™ is a multi-purpose light that replaces your safety light, headlamp, flashlight, and lantern - simplifying your life, lightening your pack, and saving you money.

Whether hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, camping among the Redwoods, touring from coast to coast, trail running in Colorado, snowshoeing in Canada, backpacking across Europe, or simply taking your dog on a walk, the FlarePro™ is the perfect light. 

Be seen from any angle like never before. Using the same dispersed light technique as our original light, the FlarePro™ shines out more lumens and appears far brighter to the eyes. The only real comparable alternative to the FlarePro™ is a backpack full of pyrotechnic road flares and a fireproof suit.

The FlarePro™ diffuses the light evenly to make it incredibly bright, but not blinding. We recommend using full power during the day and lower levels at night when drivers' eyes are dilated.

The FlarePro's intensity has been fully optimized to be seen in direct sunlight. We made the FlarePro™ even more visible than our original light, and matched the brightness of the FlarePro™ to real emergency road flares.    

By efficiently spreading the light output across a bank of 40 1/2watt LEDs, the intensity of the FlarePro™ is truly incredible. Since the light isn't focused into a tight beam, you won't blind drivers, but they will definitely notice you! The RED FlarePro™ is the lowest cost, daytime rated safety light on the market by a significant margin. 

Because there is no internal battery to die or chemicals to expire, you can always count on it. It can even run off of USB car jump starting battery packs if you get stranded on the side of the road on a long road trip. Typical road flares last only 15 minutes and have very limited use due to the dangerous flame. The FlarePro™ can last as long as you need and can be used for just about anything. Have it in your bag or emergency kit and you will always be prepared with only a single ounce added to your weight.

With the versatile velcro strap mounting system, the FlarePro™ wasn't designed for just one thing. It can be used to mount to virtually anything and you can easily lace or "stack" FlarePros™ together. Want double the output? Easy. Want an 800 Lumen red light? No problem. Need 1400 constant white Lumens to light your path? You got it. 

A Red FlarePro™ "Stack" is the brightest production red safety light in existence at 800 Lumens. If you want the brightest daytime rated light available, this is it!

Intuitively controlled by separate + and - buttons, you can easily increase or decrease brightness by 1 level at a time or by ramping up or down between the 10 brightness levels. This is similar to how cell phone +/- buttons control volume. With one button placed on each end of the flare, you can easily locate the buttons and change brightness during the most intense activities.

To change between modes, simply press both buttons at the same time. This design makes the FlarePro™ easy to operate, but also protects you from changing modes unintentionally while using it. The FlarePro™ also features Smart Memory, remembering your last mode and brightness level and allowing you to focus on your adventure instead of adjusting your settings.

Thanks to the competitive cell phone accessory market, USB battery packs have become the lowest-cost, and most energy dense batteries on the market. We designed the FlarePro™ to run from these readily available, low-cost, power sources, because we do not believe in selling overpriced, proprietary power sources that will need to be replaced after a few years.  

The FlarePro™ works with ANY size power bank that you can charge a cell phone with on the go. This makes it very convenient for anyone to choose the size of battery pack that suits their particular runtime needs: from a hardcore week long adventure to a daily outing. In fact, you can multi-purpose the power banks you are already carrying, saving base weight and space in your pack, and eliminating the need to spend unnecessary funds.  

FlarePro™ runtimes are future-proof and upgrade-able. As batteries get better every year, your FlarePro™ runtimes will get even longer and you won't have to wait for us to design and sell them.


With a total mount weight of 1 gram, the FlarePro™ can be quickly and securely mounted to just about anything. Simply slip the VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® through the slots on the FlarePro™ and choose where you would like it to fit. Cut the straps to the size you need, loop them through the slots on the Flare, and mount it wherever you want. This is a minimalist, ultralight, versatile mounting system that enables new possibilities.
The FlarePro™ works with any belt, but if you don't already have your own, we've got you covered. We have custom designed an adjustable, lightweight, Orfos Running Belt that works perfectly with the Flares. At only 1.5 ounces, it has a pocket with enough room for protecting your battery pack, keys and cell phone (even an iPhone 7 Plus) from the elements and keeping them ultra-secure against your body without bouncing. No more bouncing headlamps strapped to your noggin!” 

Mounting the FlarePro™ from your waist makes your night run 3D, allowing you to see shadows and giving you the depth perception you always needed but never had with headlamps.

For anti-theft or for a more permanent mount, you can easily use thick cable ties in place of the Velcro straps, through the slots in the FlarePro.


The FlarePro™ is completely molded in a solid silicone casing. This makes the FlarePro™ completely waterproof, dust proof and vibration proof. We have improved this process from the original light for even better performance and aesthetics.

Please note: The FlarePro™ is waterproof, but a USB pack might not be. The cord is 18 inches long and can be extended  further with a standard USB extension, so the USB pack can easily be protected in a pocket/bag/waterproof running belt when in harsh weather. 
  • Patent Pending
  • White Lumens: 950 peak/ 700 continuous
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80-90 (revealing color accurately).
  • White Color Temperature: 3000 Kelvin (natural warm color).
  • Red Lumens: 400 peak/300 continuous
  • Weight: 0.99oz (28 grams)
  • Mounting strap weight (~0.5grams x 2)
  • Dimensions: 12mm x 14mm x 80mm
  • Waterproof: Totally encased in silicone
  • Runs from any USB Power Bank that can charge a cell phone.
  • Cord length: 18in (45cm)
  • Made in the USA with USA and non-USA made components.
  • 2 Year warranty for manufacturing defects with normal use.
Size Comparison: Original light vs FlarePro
Size Comparison: Original light vs FlarePro