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My light is flashing on low and I can't turn it off. What does this mean?

The Flare is probably in the Power Saver Mode, which happens when the Flare has about 10-20 minutes left of battery life. This mode does not allow the user to operate the button at all, but is the trade-off for some extra battery life.

I had the decision when designing the Flares to either take away 10 minutes of battery life, and the user would be able to operate it the same until it died, or add 10 minutes of battery life, but the Flare would not act normally for this time, and the user would not be able to switch modes or turn it off. I chose the extra battery life because you never know when you might need that on a ride home, and it could save a life.

The test for this is if the Flare acts normally again after charging or being plugged in. You should be able to turn it off normally after you plug the Flare in.


What is the difference between Steel-Frame Mounts and Standard Mounts?

Standard Mounts: Designed for carbon fiber, aluminium, or titanium frame bikes that are non-magnetic. This mount has three holes in it for our premium cable ties to loop through and attach to your bike or helmet.

Steel-Frame Mounts: Designed for steel-frame bikes. These mounts are a slim, magnetic mount that has been coated in rubber to provide the necessary grip for the Flare to stay in place.   They do not require any cable ties and can be moved easily from bike to bike. These mounts are incredibly slim and simple to use. 


Why do I need to mount the Flare vertically and not horizontally?

In order for the Flare to be stable on the bike and on the mount, it must be mounted vertically. This provides much more surface area for the Flare on the magnet for the main motion of up and down.