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Orfos Pro [Blemished]

$ 119.99
Orfos Pro [Blemished]

Orfos Pro [Blemished]

$ 119.99

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[Blemished] : These are imperfect units that were blemished in the silicone overmolding process. They are 100% functional, but not aesthetically perfect. 

950 White Lumens and 400 Red Lumens

The Ultimate 360° lights for all your activities. Turn night into day with the World's Brightest LED flares. Use in any place a flare would be used and light up the night or day with bright intense light from all angles.

Combine the Red and White for incredibly 360 degree visibility or double your lumens with two.

Two Orfos Pros can easily be stacked to create a 1900 lumen white light or an 800 lumen red light.

For more details on what makes the Orfos Pro the best bike light, running light and hiking light, please read here: https://www.orfos.us/pages/pro

Ships within 5-7 business days

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Torstein Dyrting

It still hasn’t arrived

Fantastic Product!

The white light is fantastic! I run super early in the early morning before the sun ever comes up on trails that are not lit up. The light makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Orfos!

Use for work

I use this light for my job in golf course maintenance. Very bright but carrying a power bank alongside the light isn't ideal. The buttons have worn off after 2 months of use so there is no way to change the light patterns, but that doesn't really matter as I keep it on the brightest setting. Would consider buying again.

Jay H.
Light up the night on my recumbent trike

I bought two white and two red lights (all blemished, which isn't very noticeable) and placed them on my recumbent trike for maximum visibility in night and day riding. NASA has confirmed that at night you can now see my trike from space. Mission accomplished. Thanks Orfos!

Matt Gliboff

Great, works fine, blemish barely noticeable