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Orfos Pro

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Orfos Pro

Orfos Pro

$ 79.99

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Get 360 Visibility and Be Seen from Any Angle

950 White Lumens and 400 Red Lumens

The Ultimate 360° lights for all your activities. Turn night into day with the World's Brightest LED flares. Use in any place a flare would be used and light up the night or day with bright intense light from all angles.

Combine the Red and White for incredibly 360 degree visibility or double your lumens with two.

Two Orfos Pros can easily be stacked to create a 1900 lumen white light or an 800 lumen red light.

For more details on what makes the Orfos Pro the best bike light, running light and hiking light, please read here: https://www.orfos.us/pages/pro

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Robert Ward
Very bright lights

These lights are excellent. I only wish that they had a mode wear it was a simple on/off flashing strobe in stead of a fade to darkness then back to light or the other pre set paterns.

Matthew LeBron
This light is AWESOME

I had the original light when Orfos started up through Kickstarter. The light was amazing and I wanted another. Well the Orfos Pro is just as good if not better! Same great brightness for a rear bike light than I have seen from any other company. An amazing 400 lumens! And the amount of modes (flashing, fades, or just solid on to name a few) that are available is also satisfying. I recommend this light to everyone!

Best lights for visibility, hands-down!

I am a bicycle safety instructor. One of the things LCIs do is put bike lights and bike reflectors to the test by having our students go two at a time down a dark street or path with no lights and then again with a car's headlights aimed at them. If it's set up well, you have the cyclists ride about 3 blocks out and then back. You can't believe how well low reflectors do on this test (wheels, pedals) and how poorly most lights do. Generally taillights are better than headlights. Enter the FlarePros. I power mine with a portable battery pack that runs the lights for many hours on 'pulsation' mode. When you adjust the FlarePros to their highest setting, they are almost blinding and can be seen--easily--from blocks away. Even in city riding, where there are lots of streetlights, street signs, fluorescent lights, business signs, etc, the FlarePros show up better than any light I've ever seen. I absolutely love them.

I bike commute in some hairy traffic every day (industrial south side of the Chicago). I love the fact that these are *VERY* visible during the daytime, when most lights barely are noticeable. I have hub generator lights with super high-end German lights on all of my personal rides, yet I still use the FlarePros for daylight riding because they INCREASE MY VISIBILITY TO TRUCKS AND CARS.

I have been using the product since it's Kickstarter launch in 2017 on a regular basis--probably 200+ days a year. I now own 6 Flarepros: 4 white and 2 red. I use them on multiple bikes. Because they are so small and lightweight, I switch them between bikes for the kids' bike club that I lead. I also use them on my own bikes, including a custom built city bike and my Brompton folder. The velcro straps make them easy to switch between whichever bike you prefer, and they are also small enough to throw into your purse or backpack. You can also use them as ground effect lights or attach them to the downtubes, seat stays or front form on most bikes. I have also used them several times on my Xootr kick scooter, rental bikes, on my dog's collar when out playing at night (I velcro the battery along his collar), and when walking at night on trails where there are no lights at all. My husband has this as his primary front light on his bike.

While some people don't like the external battery pack, I have to say that I actually prefer it because I can custom tailor the power that I use on any given ride. I tend to use the little Anker "lipstick" chargers because they come in a bag that can hung from any handlebar and are both inexpensive and easy to recharge, but I also upgrade to a larger, more powerful brick if I want. I often keep a spare pack in my bike bag, just in case (for charging my phone, too).

About the only negative I have is that if your FlarePro gets wet, be sure to take the time to dry it out thoroughly... like with a blowdryer or some silica gel crystals. One of my lights got badly corroded from a rain storm. While I did spot dry it, the USB connector got rusty (note: I was able to remove it using sandpaper and the light still works, however it is hard to get the USB end to fit into most battery packs now). It would be great if Orfos could figure out a way to incorporate a small plastic cover to store the USB end when the light is not in use. And another suggestion: for when camping or working inside your car, it would be nice to have a really low light level.

-Super bright! SUPER BRIGHT!
-360° visibility
-Adjustable light levels from medium to crazy bright as well as multiple modes including pulse and flashing
-Very lightweight
-Easily swappable between bikes, backpacks, armbands, head straps, etc.
-Can take any USB battery pack for power

-USB end can rust if exposed to water
-No on/off switch. You need to unplug the battery pack to turn it off.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these lights.

Simon de Boer
Works well, high drain

After having played with it I believe all the videos on the site were taken with the light on max and it does illuminate as shown on that setting. As an ultra runner one key piece of data was the drain time on different settings. In running the light continously at level 5 with 7,000 mAh it only lasted 10 hours, much less than the estimated 14 hours for 6,700 mAh. This is a very disappointing difference.

Also, with your delivery partner my package was held at the Canadian border in order to have taxes applied and an additional $10 handling fee by the Canadian Border Services. This does not happen for other packages coming across the border and added to the price such that I would suggest people go for other options that are available cheaper in total cost.

Nick F.
Unethical Company & Unethical Staff [Peter Clyde])

I ordered the Orfos Pro in APRIL 2017 and paid $150 for the items [Order #2299 - 1x *FlarePro™ Dual Bundle - 1 Red FlarePro™ and 1 White FlarePro™]

3 Months later, I received feedback from Peter Clyde in JULY 2017 that the company was experiencing manufacturing problems and would not be able to deliver on time as per his email extract below:

"2) We have figured out a new manufacturing process to improve the alignment of the parts for all components. If you remember from a previous update, there was an issue with the parts not being placed properly resulting in issues for our silicone molding. This new process should help us get orders fulfilled faster as we are manufacturing even more units at once. Here is a freshly assembled panel with this new process.''

''We are finalizing testing of the new tooling and processes right now and will know more soon. We appreciate all the supportive emails we have been getting from both eager customers and lucky early backers who have receive their Pros. Another update will come soon when we know more, and we are hopeful that we will be able to announce there that production is rolling again at full speed. ''

After numerous follow-ups from my side, extending all the way to June 2020 (!!!), Peter Clyde / Orfos could not even bother to provide any feedback regarding delivery of my order or the refund of my money. If they had sent the item, they would surely have been able to track it.

I will never do business with this company again and using justified crass given the circumstances and frustration experienced, I believe Peter Clyde is an unethical piece of shit as he could not even bother to respond to my numerous emails to his direct email address on this matter.

I continue to warn friends and colleagues about this company and its unethical practices.

Hello Nick,

First, let me say that we are truly sorry that has been your experience and we would be happy to help. We completely understand your frustration. Until today, we were not aware that you had not received your Pro which we shipped to you in September 2018, nor that you had requested a refund in June of 2020, and we would very much like to remedy that.

When we first launched the Orfos Pro on Kickstarter at the end of 2016, we had perfect sample from our silicone overmolders for the product. When we began to receive the actual units to be sent to customers, we discovered that the quality was not what had been promised. They had many bubbles in the silicone. Later we found out that the employee who worked for that company who made the samples for us left the company and nobody else there was as skilled as he was. Essentially, the overmolding company needed time to train a new employee to do the overmolding as well as the original employee. We did not want to send out less than high quality products to our customers and spent a great deal of time and money to get back to the higher quality, clear silicone, instead of it being filled with air bubbles.

We shipped your Pros to you in September of 2018 and were unaware that they did not make it to you. Upon seeing your review here, I searched back in our emails and see one email from you in June of 2020 stating that you did not receive the Pro and would like a refund. I truly apologize that we did not see that email. We are a small family business run by my wife and I, and at that time, my wife was within 10 days of her due date with our third child and our family had been significantly affected by COVID-19. I’m afraid to say that your email then slipped through the cracks, and I do apologize for that.

All that being said, we deeply value our reputation and integrity and would like to remedy the situation. We will send this same message to you via email to make sure you receive it and to discuss what how you would like to proceed.