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Kickstarter Pledges Completion Date

Just a quick update:

We have received a BIG batch of completed Pros from our overmolder and we anticipate completing all Kickstarter shipments this week! We will begin shipping out our website pre-orders immediately after completing the Kickstarter shipments.

Shipping Update and Backer Photo

Shipping Update and Backer Photo

Hello Everyone,  


We have shipped over 1300 Pros total and we only have about 200 Kickstarter pledges left before moving on to our website preorders. We're planning a little surprise for you all when that happens to celebrate. More on that later... :) 

Amber Pros:

We only have 30 limited edition Amber Pros left in stock. If you wanted to get one before they are gone, now is your chance! You can find that on our website here: Amber Pro


As the Pros go out, we have been receiving tons of great pictures and feedback from you all and we love them! We are planning to share more on social media once we are caught up with our shipments and open our website back up for orders, but above, you can see a sneak peek for now of the Pro on an ambulance bike in London! (Note:The person receiving medical attention was okay, otherwise we wouldn't share this picture.)

That's all for now! Feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions.

Peter and the Orfos Team

Website Orders

Hello Orfos Community, 

We have been getting quite a few emails asking when we will open our website orders back up. We love that you are so excited about the Orfos Pro and can't wait for you to have them!

At the moment, we are focusing on completing all of our preorders and will not be taking on new preorders until our existing ones are completed or almost completed. If you would like to be notified when our website is back open, please join our newsletter at the bottom of our website. We will send out an email once our Kickstarter pledges are complete (We are about halfway there) and then again when our website is back open for orders. We will also be posting those updates here, on our website blog.

Thank you again for your patience and enthusiasm for the Orfos Pro. 


Peter and the Orfos Team