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Production and Shipping Update (1/13/2018)

Production and Shipping Update (1/13/2018)

Hello Orfos Supporters,

We want to start this update by thanking all our supporters who have stood by Orfos with the various unexpected production delays in 2017. We believe 2018 is full of new possibilities and things are already getting off on a much better foot regarding production of the Orfos Pro.  

Production and Shipping Update:

Yesterday, we received the first 70 of the long awaited finished Orfos Pros from our updated tooling. These finished Pros are looking great and we are excited to ship them out next week. We expect to receive more finished units every week from now on, but we do not know quantity estimates at this moment. We will be sending them out to you all immediately after each shipment arrives from our overmolder.  Once we are receiving consistent shipments of completed Pros from our overmolder, we will be able to give a clearer shipping estimate.


We have received great feedback from supporters who have already received their complete or partial pledges from the limited number of Orfos Pros that have been made thus far. We love to see how the Orfos Pro is being used and how it is greatly improving the outdoor experience of our supporters. 

Thank you again for your support of Orfos as we are starting this new year!


Peter & The Orfos Team