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Orfos Pro Shipping Update (8/25)

Orfos Pro Shipping Update (8/25)

We have great news! Yesterday we received confirmation that our tooling modification worked to avoid the issues with tolerances that we were having. We overmolded 6 Orfos Pros and all 6 came out flawlessly.

We are now solidifying this change into the tooling modification, since this initial change was a temporary setup to test the fix. To do this test, we added a temporary non-metal part to the tool to save us from ruining our tool if this did not work. If we had modified the tool in a permanent way and it didn't work, it would have cost another 10 weeks to make a new tool, which we did not want at all. Now that the concept is proven to work, we are making the permanent modifications to the tool to implement the same fix. We have been told that this will take another week to finish. Please expect another update after September 5th to confirm this. 

Once the new tool is successfully updated, we anticipate running full speed. Once we are moving full speed on this tool, we are going to make similar modifications to a second tool, which will increase our production speed even further. However, we won't know the exact production rate until they are running, so we will make time estimates once we are moving again.

Quick Ship Blemished Option

If you are extremely in need of some lights being shipped immediately, we do have a limited number of Orfos Pros (White, Amber and Red) that were previously molded with the unpolished scratched tool by mistake. They do not have the same glossy, smooth surface finish as the ones we will be shipping out later. We also have a number of Red Orfos Pros that have a small bubble in the stress relief area. Both of these issues are just aesthetic and do not affect functionality or our warranty in any way. If you are interested in this as a quick ship option, we can ship your order immediately (email: peter@orfos.us) These will be first-come first-serve, so be sure to email as soon as possible.  


Thanks for the support! Things are looking good!