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Instruction Manual, Vertical Mounting, and Pictures

We have created a simple guide to help with mounting and operation of the flares. It is pretty straightforward now, but I will add to it as questions come up:

Two IMPORTANT details for you to make sure your Flares are properly mounted:

1)Mount Vertically Only. The Flares were designed to be mounted vertically. When mounted vertically, the magnetic strength is almost invincible against impacts such as vibrations from pot holes you encounter on the road. Horizontal orientation does not provide as much impact resistance as vertical mounting does. If mounting to helmets however, horizontal mounting is more acceptable since your body naturally dampens impacts.

2) If mounting through fabric such as a jersey or a thin backpack. Make sure the thickness is less than 1mm. Also if the fabric is slippery, you will need to add a piece of electrical tape to the back of the Flare or something similar to rubberize the back of the flare and decrease the chance of slipping. Mounting directly to the rubberized mount (vertically) is the best way to mount, so if you have any doubts with your setup, just use the provided mount and you won't have to worry at all.

We have already seen a number of great photos posted to our posted on our social media sites. If you want to show off your cool bike with its new glow, don't hesitate to snap a quick photo and send it to us!

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Thanks Dan for sending in this awesome picture! Check out the Orfos Flares in the Michigan snow!

Snow Glow
Snow Glow

Stay safe out there!